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Zhejiang Hongxu Machine Co.,Ltd is the specialized production valve worm gear case's enterprise, is situated at the South Chekiang golden triangle, is called " township of the Chinese pump valve "-----North Wenzhou cup. This company is the Wenzhou area specialized careful making valve worm gear case factory, corporate management is strict, realizes the institution, the sequencing, the standardization, the design and the production unifies, is a collection production, the sale, the service is a body's ISO9001-2000 international quality system authentication enterprise. Its product quality has the quite high fine reputation township in the valve. According to many year experiences and the domestic valve Measure unit to be used to the valve product operation requirements' unceasing enhancement, the comprehensive information resource, the development have developed many kinds of valve worm gear cases. The main product has the popular type (code number QDX3), to match (code number QDX3-D) electrically operated, the pipe network (code number QDX3-G), the two-stage (code number QDX3-S), Shanxi (code number SQDX3), Zigong (code number ZQDX3), the signal (code number XSDX3), and so on type worm gear cases, is suitable in the reed valve (DN25~DN3000), the ball valve (DN25~DN1500), type valves and so on stopcock. Special may output 360 degrees corners. Through unceasingly diligently, also developed has developed the new valve handwheel. The technique of production uses the disposable steel plate ramming formation, spurts after the static electricity models and so on running water processing works to complete, has the contour to be artistic, the color is bright, smooth to the touch, convenience durable and so on characteristics. We “is humanist in line with the science and technology” service objective, receives “the quality to have the benefit, the prestige leaves the market” the enterprise to manage the idea, the unceasing development new product, provides the more valve complete sets of products wholeheartedly for the valve colleague, and hoped that founds the valve profession hand in hand with you the new world.
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